Men's Skin Care Basics

Today, men are beginning to recognize the fact that caring for their skin is essential if they want to remain healthy and have younger looking skin throughout their lives.

Fortunately, with Bello Men’s Skincare Products, you don’t have to break the bank to provide yourself with the finest, highest quality skincare products available.

Cleanse: Use Bello All Over Wash daily to rid the face of impurities and excess sebum. A clean skin is an effective defense against the oxidizing effects of the environment, including ultra violet light and air pollution.

Exfoliate: (2-3 times weekly) As a man ages, it becomes more important to use Bello Fruit Extract Buffing Crème to scrub away dead skin cells, imbedded impurities and trapped oils that make the skin appear dull and tired. For men, this helps to counteract the roughness they experience with age. Also, a man’s facial skin is thicker and coarser than a woman’s.

Moisturize: As a man, it is important to moisturize daily with Bello Super Firming Crème to replenish moisture loss on a regular basis as the skin’s own natural ability to replenish moisture diminishes with age.

The earlier a man begins to take proper care of his face with Bello Super Firming Crème, the longer a man will retain his youthful, vibrant skin. It is very easy to recognize a man who has neglected to moisturize his face by his rough, cracked, wrinkled, sagging facial skin. No man really wants that look.

The longer a man waits to start using Bello Super Firming Crème daily, the more damage there is to repair. An older man will additionally want to apply Bello Super Firming Crème before going to bed to help repair the skin cells during the night.

Skin cells that are deprived of water lose their ability to function properly, leading to the visible signs of early aging.

Repair, Strengthen and Protect: Bello Vitamin C Crème will help rejuvenate and repair skin that has grown thinner due to sluggish cell removal and stressed from the traumas of shaving. Younger, stronger skin is more resilient to recovery from shaving as older skin is more susceptible to damage.

Bello Vitamin C Crème will help stimulate the natural rate of cell renewal to improve skin thickness for a healthier, firmer appearance and more importantly, build resistance against the visible aging effects of shaving.

Healthy Shaving Routine: Developing a healthy shaving routine should always be a priority for men. As a man becomes older, it becomes more important because the skin is more vulnerable and susceptible to irritation. Pre-shave preparation, a comfortable smooth shave and a cooling post-shave routine are imperative. Bello All Over Wash, Bello Soft Shave Cream and Bello Post Shave Soothing Gel provide the ultimate shaving experience while promoting exceptional, healthy face care.

Sun Care Protection: This is not real complicated. If you go outside – wear Bello Essential Protection SPF 15 or Bello Advanced Protection SPF 30 sun protection.

Bello Essential Protection SPF 15 and Bello Advanced Protection SPF 30 provide the ultimate in skincare sun protection to help prevent the sun’s deadly effects on the skin. The sun is the single biggest concern to consider as one wants to maintain proper skincare.

See Sun Care Basics for detailed sun protection information.