I really like the benefits of the Eye and Throat Bio Créme. After just a few applications, I noticed there were fewer wrinkles and I especially liked the nice light consistency of the cream.
—Ann - College Station, Texas

I had been using a premier product line, with high quality ingredients for over 10 years, but the ingredients and formulations that make the Bello Skin Care products are giving me a fresher, younger look. My skin feels soft and normal and I like that.
—Bob - Ft. Worth, TX

Even though I am in my late 50's, I have had continual breakout on my face. The dermatologists told me to just use a bath soap to cleanse with because all skin care products were not good for my skin type. Then I was introduced to Bello Skin Care. After just 4 days of using a regimen that included the AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser in the evening, Sage and Citrus as a moisturizer, the AHA Mint Masque and the Bee Propolis, my skin was clearing up significantly. I can't remember it ever feeling so clean and soft.
—Pat - Carrollton, TX

I am a male in my late 30's, and I have had oily skin all of my life. Within hours after a morning shower, my face is as shiny as if I had put baby oil on it. I discovered the AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanserand the AHA Mint Masque, which I began using regularly. Now I can go for 8-10 hours before I can see the oil on my face, and the pores that were visibly enlarged have gotten much smaller. I can enjoy using products like this when I get good results.
—George - Colleyville, TX

The Aloe Soothing Gel after I shave has taken away the razor burn and the red bumps that I frequently had on my neck after shaving. I'm sure the Aloe will make it a good product for after sun exposure, but I sure plan to stick with it for a toner and moisturizer after shaving.
—Brandon - College Station, TX

I have used the Bello Skin Care skin care products since 1999 and swear by their claims. The body lotions cured itchy dry skin from aging, and the skin care products truly are anti-aging. I look 10 years younger than by actual age according to people that don't know me and those that do. Prior to Bello Skin Care I used very expensive skin care products that didn't perform nearly as well. I have never been disappointed, and am grateful that I came upon this product 9 years ago.
—Diane - Bradbury, CA

The men’s New Shave Cream and Aloe Soothing Gel provide the best possible shave experience and dramatically reduce skin irritation. The Soothing Gel is also great after being out in the sun all day or just to give the face a lift.
Curtis - Rapid City, SD