Sugarbutter Full Size Kit

Sugarbutter Full Size Kit

Price Each: $52.00

For all skin types.  A deliciously sweet experience for the body and senses, these formulas are infused with all-natural Sugar Cane, botanicals and essential oils.

Sugar Cane, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Grapefruit Oil, Orange Oil and Vanilla are incorporated in the formulations to create an unforgettable, sensuous event.

Included are the below items:

  • Sugar Sweet Body Wash - seduce the senses with this sinfully sweet, creamy wash infused with the tantalizing scent of Grapefruit Oil, Orange Oil and Vanilla.  Blended with Sugar Cane Extract, Mango and Shea Nut Butter, this body wash will leave skin incredibly soft and clean.
  • Sugarbutter Body Scrub - The combination of a body butter and sugar scrub all in one!  A unique body scrub to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin leaving it refreshed, revitalized and oh-so-yummy smooth.  Infused with natural Sugar Cane, Shea and Mango Butter, this rich, creamy blend removes dead skin cells and moisturizes, giving a clean, fresh, polished look to the body.  Essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit and Vanilla create a sweet treat for your skin that smells good enough to eat!
  • Sugar Smoothie Body Creme - Treat your skin to the deliciously sweet aroma of Vanilla, Grapefruit and Orange.  This superb body cream, blended with Sugar Cane Extract, Mango and Shea Nut Butter, leaves your skin silky smooth and twinkling with a subtle glow.

*Also available individually.