Clinical Results

Super Firming Creme

Super Firming Crème

Clinical studies conclude that superficial facial lines were reduced by 36.6% after just four (4) weeks.  See graph below.

This special blending of the two extracts of Hydrocotyl Extract and Coneflower Extract provide the benefits of the Super Firming Créme. The synergistic combination of these two extracts provides a dynamic skin care treatment.

HYDROCOTYL is an aromatic plant native to parts of Asia, the western South Sea Islands, Australia and Africa. Hydrocotyl Asiatica has been used as a medicine in India and China for centuries. In the 19th century, the plant and its extracts were incorporated into the Indian pharmacopoeia and recommended for would healing and the treatment of skin lesions and diseases (e.g. leprosy, lupus, eczema, and psoriasis). In traditional Chinese medicine, Hydrocotyl was prescribed for fractures, strains and even snakebites. In the 1880's, extracts of the plant were accepted as a drug in France, introducing it to Western medicine. Hydrocotyl and its derivatives have been used therapeutically and clinically ever since this time.

The Hydrocotyl contains asiatic acid and asiaticoside and is standardized for their biological activity using HPLC analysis. The entire Hydrocotyl plant is extracted to obtain the highest level of active ingredients via a proprietary extraction process.

The CONEFLOWER plant is a native of Texas and the western Great Plains. Historically, the aboriginal populations of the Great Plains and adjacent regions of North America used Echinacea to treat numerous ailments. The plant was introduced to allopathic medicine in 1887 and by the 1930's, it had become the best-selling medicinal plant among physicians in the United States.

The root of the Coneflower contains Echinacosides and is used in the extraction process in order to obtain the maximum level of active components.

In an independent clinical study, the special blend of Hydrocotyl Extract and Coneflower Extract was examined at 5% in a 2% dispersed carbopol solution. This vehicle was chosen for the study in order to verify that no other ingredients were acting upon the skin. Particular attention was paid to the ability to modify cosmetic properties in comparison with other ingredients that modify collagen synthesis and protect Hyaluronic Acid. The subjects in this study were females between the ages of 35 - 55 years of age and were beginning to show visible signs of aging with facial dryness.

The subjects were evaluated at 2 and 4 weeks. The graph clearly displays that when this special blend of the two extracts were used, significant increases in superficial and integral skin firmness were observed with increases in skin density and a reduction in facial lines for all subjects.

Super Firming Creme Results