About Us

Karen Holloway, President and Founder of Bello, Inc.
Karen Holloway
As President and Founder of Bello Skin Care, I realize the most meaningful principle in business is "Integrity". Build a business on that principle, and you have a foundation that will last. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate skin care products that will make a positive and dramatic impact on the beauty and health of your skin at a competitive price.

My background incorporates over 20 years experience in the Health and Beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist, salon owner and licensed cosmetology instructor. Additionally, I created a multi-million-dollar business worldwide, expanding a premier product line internationally into 20 countries. That experience provided me the opportunity to analyze and explore the values and   performance people were looking for in personal care products. I believe consumers deserve a product line they can have total confidence in made by a company founded on the principles of quality and integrity.

For that reason, I created Bello Skin Care. Bello Skin Care is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality, formulated with the finest active botanicals and essential oils coupled with the best science available that will enable you to nourish, enrich and preserve the youthfulness of your skin.  Today, more people are living longer which creates more prominent effects of aging on the body. As a result, people are searching for ways to reduce wrinkles, fight skin cancer, reduce fatigue, eliminate fat and develop clear healthy beautiful skin.The natural aging process diminishes the body's ability to function as it did in its youth. Environmental and lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs, chemical pollution, fast-food diets, lack of exercise, heating and air conditioning, and UV radiation makes having healthy, younger looking skin an even greater challenge. Bello Skin Care products address and resolve these many issues.

The primary key to maintaining a natural, healthy and youthful appearance is a healthy approach to living and using Bello Skin Care in the proper skin care regimen.

Question:  How do you know which skin care products are right for you?

Answer: It all comes down to two basic issues:

(1) Are the ingredients in the formulations scientifically proven to be highly beneficial to your skin

(2) Are the active ingredients of the highest quality and in sufficient quantities to create positive results for you?

Receiving big benefits from a product requires that it must be formulated with quality, active botanical ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide protection against environmental factors and provide moisture and nourishment that is lost naturally with the aging process. 

Bello Skin Care botanicals are chosen from the finest sources around the world native to their origin.  The plants are harvested on the right day at the right time when the plant synergies are at their peak. The chemists who create Bello Skin Care products employ state of the art technology and equipment (HPLC) for their research and quality control ensuring the highest performance of the plant extracts in the formulas. Every extraction is subjected to cold processing according to proprietary methods following the FDA guidelines of "Good Manufacturing Practices".

All of the components are in place to assure Bello Skin Care products are of the highest quality available, and we are confident you will be ecstatic with the exceptional results. Thank you for being a Bello Skin Care customer!!

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